Blue Mesa Ventures supports technology companies building the future — on earth, in orbit, and beyond.

Supporting Entrepreneurship and Innovation


We provide the commercial expertise, investment insight, network connection, and industrial resources necessary for advanced technology groups to successfully and productively commercialize their innovations.


We lead transformational programming that accelerates advanced technology leaders in efficient entrepreneurship, strategic capital, startup innovation, and ecosystem support.


We provide personalized guidance to startup founders, assisting them with key areas including pitching, go-to-market strategy, leadership development, and team-building.


Sharpening the cutting edge of US advanced technology teams with rapid commercialization, coaching, and community.

We're proud to lead the Virtual Entrepreneurship Management Fellowship in America Workshop with our partners at American Councils for International Education

Invested In The Future


We hold a steadfast belief that exceptional leadership is unequivocally pivotal in securing success.


Our team invests in groundbreaking, innovative technology-driven companies to stay ahead of the curve.


We strategically invest in promising early to growth stage companies that stand at the precipice of unprecedented expansion.

Investment Areas

  • Aerospace, Defense, and Responsible Space Access
  • Quantum Computing and Cybersecurity
  • Communications, Wireless, Human-Machine Interface/AI

Thesis Spotlight: Aerospace and Defense

Blue Mesa Ventures passionately invests in early to growth stage technology companies within the Aerospace and Defense sector, driven by the belief in the transformative power of dynamic teams and leading-edge technologies. Our investment strategy focuses on seed through growth-stage startups, providing them with not only operational expertise and capital but also invaluable industry resources.

By doing so, we:
  • Foster Strong Industry Connections: We bridge the crucial gap between private and public sector entities, laying the foundation for a collaborative environment that propels the new space economy forward.
  • Enable Responsible Space Access: Our commitment to enabling responsible access to space reflects our dedication to sustainability and the long-term viability of space exploration and utilization.
  • Advance National Security: Investing in technologies that bolster national security is at the forefront of our mission, ensuring a safer world while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in aerospace and defense.
  • Support Interplanetary Ambitions: We are committed to making humanity an interplanetary species, a vision that drives us to support missions that extend our reach beyond Earth.
  • Promote Scientific Exploration: Through our investments, we enable groundbreaking scientific exploration, unraveling the mysteries of the universe and expanding human knowledge.

At Blue Mesa Ventures, we believe in the power of innovation to redefine frontiers, ensuring a future where humanity thrives beyond the bounds of Earth, secured by advanced defense technologies and propelled by a shared vision of exploration and sustainability.

Pitch Us

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