Blue Mesa Ventures

Blue Mesa Ventures believes in effective business; in creativity and thinking outside the box; in efficiency; in capital markets; in creativity, innovation and entrepreneurs; in opportunities to tie all of these together.

We believe in you.

Blue Mesa Ventures provides venture capital investment opportunities, investment consulting services, and international business development services.

At Blue Mesa Ventures we believe in effective business and partnering with entrepreneurs to affect business. We believe in efficiency.  We believe in creativity and in thinking outside the box. We believe in capital markets. We believe in business owners and entrepreneurs. We believe there are opportunities to tie all of these together. In short, we believe in you.

We aim to partner with small, early stage business, entrepreneurs, operators, and investors to focus on efficient capital solutions and strategic thinking around corporate finance. We believe that these partnerships should be developed in such a way that our partners, investors, corporate clients, vendors and friends all benefit from having done business with Blue Mesa Ventures.

We are, at heart, venture capitalists investing in early stage technology, technology enabled, software and hardware platform company’s. Raising USD$40mm from limited partners to invest over the subsequent three years.