• FLX Solutions

    FLX Solutions

    FLX Solutions is disrupting the robotics industry with highly functional and intelligent robots that are miniaturized to operate in spaces that humans and traditional robots cannot easily access. Our first… >

  • Alpine Media Technology

    Alpine Media Technology

    Communication platforms that build community. Through a combination of mobile apps, digital signage, and a web-based command center, we empower communities to more effectively share information in real-time. From mountain… >

  • Hygge Power

    Hygge Power

    Hygge Power is on a mission to ensure everyone is comfortably powered with clean, reliable energy and impactful insights. Analyzing billions of data points from buildings, climates, qualitative and real-time… >

  • Sharper Sense

    Sharper Sense

    Sharper Sense is a neurostimulation patch that enhances sensory acuity when worn on the neck. Increased accuracy of hearing, vision, and touch improves performance on a wide variety of tasks… >